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iamoneworld (I am one world) originated from a dream of artist Ingrid van den Boogaard and comes into existence now. Goal is to inspire people and increase the realization that all is one. Medium is sharing a creative and adventurous journey, partly in a solar powered vehicle . Up until now the Solar Mobile has travelled The Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal.

Video: iamoneworld – Solar Mobile maiden trip – April 2010. EN. 4.01 min.

The solar mobile exists of two parts and is mainly self-sufficient. Twelve solar panels and seventeen batteries deliver the energy to drive, live and work. The vehicle has a maximum speed of 25 km or 14 mph. Are you interested in the building of the solar mobile? Leave your name and email address at the form above/right from this page and receive the first photo eBook ‘Building the solar mobile’ for free (33 pages).

Ingrid @ solar mobile
solar mobile & solar panels

[Photography: Frank Groeliken]

A main goal of iamoneworld is to inspire. Inspire to follow your heart. Inspire to realize that everything is connected and all is one. Inspire to become who you are. Means to share this inspiration are photography, video, music, weblog, eZine and presentations. Seize the day!

“She has a dream and very calmly and peacefully, step by step, she is making it come true. Everything in it’s own place and time. Mobilizing creative minds in her networks, writing, visualising, asking questions, going with the flow. I have faith that Ingrid’s dream will be a huge success…”
Sanne Roemen, Social Media strategist, www.sanneroemen.nl


You can be also part of this project! For example by helping out, making a donation or becoming a shareholder . In 2008 iamoneworld started to use crowd funding to fund the project. You can become a shareholder by buying a share and share in an unique project.  The proceeds will be used to fund iamoneworld. Here you can read more about the 4 ways of how you can participate in this unique project.

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